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Client Impact List

This section guides you through creating a powerful message that captures the heart of your brand. Here's what we'll explore:

First, select 1-2 options from each of the following categories to capture the essence of your brand (List for each category is below):

  • Value Propositions (What makes you special?)

  • Keywords Related to Faith (How does your faith influence your work?)

  • Impacts for Clients (What positive change do you want to see?)

Once you've made your selections, use them to complete the following sentence outline to craft a compelling brand essence statement:

Impacts for Clients (What positive change do you desire for your ideal audience?): 

Select 1-3 options that reflect the positive transformation you want to see in your clients.

Transformed: Significant positive change, achieving a breakthrough.

Confident: Increased self-belief and trust, empowered decision-making.

Fulfilled: Experiencing purpose and satisfaction, alignment with personal goals.

Empowered: Equipped to take action, gaining skills and tools for success.

Inspired: Motivated and driven to succeed, reaching their full potential.

Connected: Building meaningful relationships, fostering a sense of community.

Liberated: Freed from limitations or burdens, overcoming challenges.

Balanced: Achieving harmony in different areas of life, promoting well-being.

Joyful: Experiencing happiness and contentment, finding fulfillment.

Peaceful: Finding inner calm and reducing stress, achieving emotional balance.

By selecting a few specific options from each section, you'll create a more focused and impactful brand essence statement.

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