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Faith Keywords List

This section guides you through creating a powerful message that captures the heart of your brand. Here's what we'll explore:

First, select 1-2 options from each of the following categories to capture the essence of your brand (List for each category is below):

  • Value Propositions (What makes you special?)

  • Keywords Related to Faith (How does your faith influence your work?)

  • Impacts for Clients (What positive change do you want to see?)

Once you've made your selections, use them to complete the following sentence outline to craft a compelling brand essence statement:

Keywords Related to Faith (Consider how your values translate into your approach): 

Select 1-3 options that resonate with your faith and how it influences your work.

Integrity: Acting with honesty and fairness in your business practices.

Service: Dedication to helping others, prioritizing client needs.

Purpose: Driven by a meaningful mission that aligns with your faith.

Stewardship: Responsible use of resources, mindful business practices.

Compassion: Understanding and empathy for your clients' challenges.

Grace: Offering forgiveness and support, fostering a positive environment.

Gratitude: Appreciation for blessings, expressing thankfulness to clients.

Hope: Inspiring optimism and encouragement, promoting a positive outlook.

Generosity: Sharing resources freely, exceeding client expectations.

Faithfulness: Keeping promises and commitments, building trust with clients.

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