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Meet Robert

"If you don't know your audience then why would they need to know  about you? Go deeper."  

Robert Thompson

Founder and Lead Strategist

With a career spanning over 25 years in sales and marketing, Robert Thompson is recognized as a visionary strategist, educator, and entrepreneur. As the Founder and Lead Strategist of Kingdom Boom Digital, he is renowned for driving engagement, enhancing brand recognition, and achieving impactful outcomes for esteemed institutions such as Duke University, as well as other local and national businesses across a range of diverse industries.

Beginning his career as a webmaster for a local television station, Robert's professional path has led him through a range of roles, from managing multi-million-dollar account lists to spearheading comprehensive marketing endeavors for businesses large and small.

Collaboration stands at the core of Robert's approach. He has adeptly led teams, cultivated partnerships, and empowered clients through innovative digital solutions. His expertise extends to encompass emerging technologies. Through the use of "BOOM," his unique system for creating a digital marketing strategy, he takes pride in educating others about the power of harnessing digital technology to reach their goals.

Robert is dedicated to ongoing learning. At the heart of his journey lies a steadfast commitment to creating enduring impact. Robert's dedication to understanding and embracing technological progress, such as the future of AI and marketing, reflects his resolute mission to elevate brands within the dynamic and ever-evolving digital landscape.


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